Collection: Abstract oil paintings

This collection has all of my abstract oil paintings and I cannot remember a time when I didn’t interpret the world through a paintbrush and tubes of color.

Many of my paintings are Diptychs(2 canvas) works.Why?My creative process,expanding my vision.

Within and over the edges of the canvases,combining inspired and unique imagery.

I use a variety of different brushes and oil colors.How many?Over 50 different types and styles of brushes.How many tubes of oil paint? Over  100 different tubes!

This creates a moment in time.

Above the clouds,figures in motion As a result, watch them collide

My unique style includes using layers of oil paint to create radiance and depth of color.

These seeming endless lines and colors form figures combining with abstract shapes,suggesting ripples and waves of water,sky and color.

 My goals as an artist are simple.Keep pushing the boundaries of your art and  creativity.Don't settle for good.Make great abstract  oil paintings.

My  goal is to make unique works of art.

Many new paintings are here.

Signed and dated on the reverse.

Detail photos reveal depth of color.

  • Paintbrush
  • Canvas
  • Oil Paint
  • Abstract
  • Art