Frequently Asked Questions

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Are you paintings made in factory, are they made by machine...???

My paintings are handmade in my studio.I have 0 Assistants.My paintings are handstretched(Not store bought pre-assembled Canvases.) On double thick wood Stretchers, Oil on canvas.

You paint in oil Paint only. Why not use Acyrlic paint.

Oil paint has Depth  of color which enhances luminosity.It is also slow drying as you can add colors on the surface and into the surface of other colors,creating depth of color.Some colors are naturally transparent,some opaque,creating areas of Matte and areas of gloss in a painting.

Are Oil Paintings perfect in tone, depth of color and size?

The beauty of handmade oil paintings is that they are not perfect in tone, depth of color or size. Oil colors are of various different properties, some are transparent,some Opaque. Some areas will appear glossy, some matte. This allows me to paint and present colors in an artistic manner reflective of my unique style.

Why don't you sign you paintings on the front?

I always find a Signature on the front to be a distraction from the painting. My paintings are Signed and dated on the back, often called reverse.

Can you paintings fit in the box, are they easy to ship?

My handmade large scale paintings need to be shipped via truck or Crated. They can also be picked up at my studio. Local delivery is possible, please e-mail for more info.