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Laurie Rubell

Abstract Figures in Landscape,Oil painting #37

Abstract Figures in Landscape,Oil painting #37

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Abstract Figures in Landscape,Oil painting #37 so this is a 2 canvas work.Both(as pictured)  are made to hang as seen but you can hang them separately.See photo #4.

I create 2 Canvas paintings because seeking the inside and outside of the edges is my creative process.

Because I use  Color,line and space.

And I think about beginnings and endings of any moment and that  exact moment of the beginning and the end.

This painting took 3 
months to complete and the  process includes "stretching" the canvas over the wood frame.

But I don't  use "Pre-stretched canvas and  no sketches were done.

I use the blank canvases as a beginning with  washes  of  dark blue color.

The top  canvas was turned to allow the color to drip so  this was the beginning of  this painting.

So I use a variety of different brushes and oil colors.How many?Over 50 different types and styles of brushes.

In contrast I use over 100 different tubes of oil paint. 

This creates a moment in time.Above the clouds,figures in motion As a result, watch them collide

Abstract figure is elevated by a loop of light in this abstract landscape.

For example,the figure splits the 2 Canvases vertically in addition  to light splitting the Canvases in half.

I do not make copies of my paintings.

No limited copies and no other similar.

In addition,there is only one original unique modern work of art.

Abstract Figures in Landscape,Oil painting #37

Diptych(2 Canvas) 

Oil on Hand-stretched canvas

Top  canvas 8”x66”x1.5”,Bottom  canvas 42”x66”x1.5”

Signed and dated on the reverse.

Detail photos reveal depth of color.

  • Paintbrush
  • Canvas
  • Oil Paint 
  • Abstract
  • Art

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