Collection: 2 Canvas Abstract oil Paintings (Diptychs)

I create  2 Canvas abstract oil paintings (Diptychs)because  seeking the inside and outside of the edges is my creative process.The paintings are made to hang together but you can hang them separately for more creativity.

I use a variety of different brushes and oil colors.How many?Over 50 different types and styles of brushes.How many tubes of oil paint? Over  100 different tubes!This creates a moment in time.Above the clouds,figures in motion .As a result, watch them collide

2 Canvas Abstract oil Paintings (Diptychs)

 Drips of color ,shapes and lines of color.

I do not make copies of my paintings.

No limited copies and no other similar.

There is only only one original unique modern work of art.

Signed and dated on the reverse.

Detail photos reveal depth of color.

  • Paintbrush
  • Abstract
  • oil paint
  • Art