Night revealing abstract oil painting

Night revealing abstract oil painting this tinted dark space comes alive with color,figures and light.

A moon shape and falling abstract stars combine to create this unique large scale oil painting.

Oil on Hand-stretched canvas and the stong imagery will define and enhance any space.

Seeking the inside and outside of the edge is my creative process.

So I use  Color,line and space in Night revealing abstracting sky.

Because I think about beginnings and endings of any moment and that  exact moment of the beginning and the end.

This painting took  3 months to complete and the  process includes "stretching" the canvas over the wood frame.But I never use "Pre-stretched canvas" and  no sketches were done.

I used the  blank canvases  as a starting point with washes  of  dark colors  and this dominates the canvas.Because of the washes of color hints of figures appear.

I use a variety of different brushes and oil colors.How many?Over 50 different types and styles of brushes.How many tubes of oil paint? 

Underneath a series of brushstrokes in white form a path to the edge of the canvas.
Oil on hand-stretched canvas,this is Night revealing abstract oil painting

56 x 68 x 1.5 inches

Signed and dated on the reverse

Recently added photos reveal details,brushstrokes,depth of color.

  • Paintbrush
  • Canvas
  • Oil Paint