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Fine Art Materials - Laurie Rubell

People are always curious about Fine Art Materials.What paints do you use?Why do you Hand stretch your canvas?

I’ve been painting in oils for over 50 years but started with the basics by painting landscapes in a realistic style.

However this evolved to an abstract style.

For example,I found "Realism"too limiting to my creativity and my use of color and line.

The quality of the Materials makes a huge difference.I use Professional Grade Artists Oil Paint and  several different brands.

I don't recommend one brand of paint as there are several outstanding manufacturers and I enjoy mixing all different "flavors"of colors.

Why limit your palette to one brand of oil paint when so many"flavors"are available?Experiment with various different brands and shades of color.With so many choices,mixing different colors together is  a part of my creative process. 
Along with paint colors I use several painting mediums including stand oil,copal medium and Venice turpentine.

These mediums will change your brushstrokes by improving the flow of paint from the brush.

Above all,these mediums slow the drying time,allowing for layers and layers of color.For example,mediums add   brilliance and depth of color.

Therefore,every brand of oil paint is different in terms of pigment and oil.

In addition, in different brands/colors the pigment is  ground finer then others and some may seem more oily then others.

Why do I hand stretch my paintings?I’ve always hand stretched my paintings,I cannot imagine buying Pre-stretched canvas or pre-made canvas.Please see the picture below.These just "stretched" canvases are ready for priming.

Fine Art Materials




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