About the artist Laurie Rubell

She has said many times “I cannot remember a time when I didn’t interpret the world through a paintbrush and tubes of color.” 

In addition,Laurie Rubell has lived her life as an artist,reshaping and redefining,creating innovative works of art.

Although she has worked in several mediums(photography,drawing) Laurie Rubell is known for her large scale abstract oil paintings,often using 2 canvases to create one painting.

For example  this collection of unique artwork features lifetime of oil painting from Pre Millennium Classic neo expressionistic paintings to Modern abstract figurative Diptychs.( 2 canvas paintings.) 

For instance,she paints in an Abstract style,combining figurative and earth elements while emphasizing subtle yet bold brushwork.

In addition to expanding the boundaries of her work she started using 2 canvases(Diptychs) to create one painting.

As the brushstrokes are emphasized they combine to form organic shapes.

And these organic shapes merge together to form unique  imagery in the form of abstract figures and landscapes. 

Because creating one of a kind works of art is the goal. 

Using 2 separate Canvases adds physical boundaries,physical edges.Expand your vision: What’s beyond the edge?

Though born in New York,she attended the University of Hartford(Hartford Art School) and earned her B.F.A. at the School of Visual arts in N.YC.

Having her first exhibit  In N.Y.C (Emerging Artist) she later showed her work in New Jersey,Washington,Philadelphia and Richmond.

In addition to numerous online shows and art galleries. 

Her goals as an artist have always seemed simple.

In addition,keep pushing the boundaries of your work,keep pushing your creativity,innovate.Don’t settle for good.The goal is to make unique works of art.

For that reason her paintings often take months to create.In conclusion,take the time to make one of a kind Art. 

from start to completion with no duplicates 


 About the artist Laurie Rubell

Laurie Rubell currently resides in Richmond Virginia.








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