Abstract Figures in Landscape,Oil painting #1

 So this abstract figures  in landscape  oil painting #1 is a single canvas work.The viewer sees an out-stretched hand of an abstract figure reaching for a line of color.This abstract landscape is surrounded by saturated colors with natural elements of light and water.In a split moment of time this  painting shows a landscape that combines the figurative and the abstract with shadow images on the left.

Why? My creative process!
So I use  Color,line and space and gravity

Because I think about beginnings and endings of any moment and that  exact moment of the beginning and the end.

This painting took 2 months  to complete and the  process includes "stretching" the canvas over the wood frame.But I do not use "Pre-stretched canvas and  no sketches were done.

I used the  blank canvas  as a starting point with paint applied at the top which allowed the black paint to drip  so  this was the beginning of  this painting.

I use a variety of different brushes and oil colors.How many?Over 50 different types and styles of brushes.How many tubes of oil paint? Over  100 different tubes!This creates a moment in time.Above the horizon,black paint gravitates into the white landscape,branching into shadowy shades of grey 

 Drips of color ,shapes and lines of saturated color,with glossy and matte surfaces.Brilliant imagery,a split second in time.

I do not make copies of my paintings.

No limited copies and no other similar.

There is only only one original unique modern work with saturated earth colors,brushwork and drips of paint.

Oil on Hand-stretched canvas

58”x72”x1.5 “

Signed and dated on the reverse.

Detail photos reveal depth of color.

  • Paintbrush
  • Canvas
  • Oil Paint 
  • Abstract