Abstract art by Laurie Rubell

Abstract art by  Laurie Rubell.

“I  cannot remember a time when I didn’t interpret the world through a paintbrush and tubes of color.”

Laurie Rubell lives  life as an artist.She  works in several mediums but is known for her large scale oil painting.Often using 2 canvases, she makes original and unique works of art.

Born raised in New York,she attended the University of Hartford(Hartford Art School.)and earned her B.F.A. at the School of Visual arts in N.YC.

Laurie paints in an Abstract style,combining figurative and earth elements.She  emphasizes  bold brushwork and soft intensity of color.

She has shown  her work in New York,New Jersey,Philadelphia and Richmond. 

My goals as an artist are simple.Keep pushing the boundaries of your art and  creativity.Don't settle for good.Make great Paintings. 

My  goal is to make unique works of art. Many new paintings are here.